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  1. manu says on 3 Mar 09

    it’s cloudy here in germany for weeks now. i’d love to take my cam out for some sundown-shootings these days…

  2. Richpips says on 3 Mar 09

    I like that. A couple of spots in the sky top right to remove maybe?

  3. Pete says on 3 Mar 09

    @Richpips – Yer. Silly f/22 brings them out.

  4. steve deer says on 3 Mar 09

    cool… been there loads of times, I always just come back with slimy wellies

  5. Claus says on 3 Mar 09

    I love the flare from the sun, it really gives this image some punch!

  6. earthtoholly says on 3 Mar 09

    aaah, what a beautiful sky…and the old rustic boat is beautiful in itself. very nice!

  7. Colcam says on 4 Mar 09

    Nice one Pete, pleased to meet up with you today, must get that HDR software.. Happy shooting

  8. William Darhy says on 4 Mar 09

    A nice color cocktail. And the rays through the window are impressive. Beautiful

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