Broken Boat

Uncategorized 8 Mar 09

A broken boat lying on Heswall Beach. I do wonder what happens to them with the tide.

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  1. Stephen McIver says on 8 Mar 09

    It’s probably the tide that made them broken in the first place! ;-)

    Great black and white image this. I see so many images on the web that don’t suit black and white conversion, but the tone of this is great.

  2. Nicki says on 9 Mar 09

    Outstandig – b&w HDR is a really good alternative! Well done ^^

  3. Pete says on 9 Mar 09

    @Nicki – Thanks but its just a normal pic. No HDR on this :)

  4. Laurie says on 9 Mar 09

    I love these old derelict boats. What a great find and a great shot.

  5. Marco says on 9 Mar 09

    I am following the whole serie, and for some reason this one pops out, made me want to comment, the black and white, the composition, love it.

  6. Paolo says on 9 Mar 09

    the kind of seascape image I like… great composition and wonderful bw dynamic

  7. John says on 10 Mar 09

    Great B&W image.

    My mate has got a fishing boat down there …I think it’s the mud that can do most of the damage.

  8. William Darhy says on 10 Mar 09

    Wow, what a picture. Woderful. I like the B&W with deep contrast. Very neat, close to perfection for such scene imho

  9. Mike Bartholomew says on 10 Mar 09

    Great set of photos. I have to say the B&W is my favourite. The reflection is the cherry on top :)

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