Remembering La Machine

Old 2 Feb 09

I’ve spent the past week going through all my 2008 photos. Easily the highlight was La Machine. Look at that! This couldn’t be any more War of the Worlds. Incredible event.

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  1. KJ says on 2 Feb 09


    I remember your original pictures on TP. Were great shots. The PP on this is awesome dude.

  2. Raul says on 2 Feb 09

    should be impressive to stand in front of it. Moves?

  3. Zoid says on 2 Feb 09

    I remember your La Machine series and loved it. I wish i could see it in person.

  4. Claus says on 3 Feb 09

    Got damn!! You have found a transformer, with a madman at the wheel!! :-)

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