Its almost Dickensian

This is the view up Johnson Street just off Dale Street the other week.

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  1. Ah, I know that street well – used to walk from Hatton Garden to the Anglican Cathedral most days when I went to uni in Liverpool. Pics like this make me miss the place!

  2. Superb. I completely agree with the title.

  3. The street looks a scene out of Dickens story, great shot


  4. dang it – just saw the page title… if two people think it, it must be true…

  5. beautiful capture of the snow in this very intense B&W

  6. Beautiful. It’s like it’s from the pages from an old novel.

  7. Lovely, makes you want to sit by a fire with a brandy

  8. thats a fantastic shot, got a really old feel to it. Reminds me of Victorian times or something (not that I was around then)

  9. Another great B&W-with-snow shot!! I love the atmosphere you show in these pictures!

  10. Aaah…fantastic. Out of a grim fairy tale :)

  11. It always looks amazing when snow fills the air!

  12. It’s a great picture ! Could you share your optical settings ?

  13. Very nice! Its always difficult to get a good shot in a snowstorm. The snow either sticks to your lens and makes everything blurry, or overwhelms the foreground and hides everything else, or just doesn’t show up in the shot except as a vague haze. You captured it quite well in this photo. Good work!

  14. Hey Pete,

    It’s Panzerbjorn from OCUK Photography forum – long time no see. I stumbled across this stunning picture while looking for a Christmas Card image for work.

    Glad to see you’re still going strong. :-)

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