One of the helicopter’s onboard HMS Ark Royal.

11 comments on “Helicopter

  1. Very nice composing. Only complaint I have would be the underexposed spot under the heli’s nose.

  2. Jordan

    Awesome contrast. is this semi hdr? it’s prob not on asking a pro how he works but i’ll give it a shot. How did you achieve such contrast while keeping clarity?

  3. Nice black and white photograph. I like !

  4. Superb contrast! Crisp image…

  5. Wow ! Did you worked it out with an HDR software ?

  6. You really have made this one look like a great big manmade bug!

  7. Great shot! I like the contrast between the old buildings and the modern helicopter.

  8. Belle image, j’aime la composition. Riche en détails

  9. Really impressive shot. Awesome B&W treatment. Bravo!

  10. Thanks guys. No HDR here. Just ye olde dodging and burning.

  11. Excellent point of view for this. Great black and white toning too. Well done.

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