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  1. Hendrik says on 18 Feb 09

    Very nice composing. Only complaint I have would be the underexposed spot under the heli’s nose.

  2. Jordan says on 18 Feb 09

    Awesome contrast. is this semi hdr? it’s prob not on asking a pro how he works but i’ll give it a shot. How did you achieve such contrast while keeping clarity?

  3. Claus says on 19 Feb 09

    You really have made this one look like a great big manmade bug!

  4. Polydactyle says on 19 Feb 09

    Great shot! I like the contrast between the old buildings and the modern helicopter.

  5. ben says on 19 Feb 09

    Belle image, j’aime la composition. Riche en détails

  6. Pete says on 19 Feb 09

    Thanks guys. No HDR here. Just ye olde dodging and burning.

  7. Laurie says on 20 Feb 09

    Excellent point of view for this. Great black and white toning too. Well done.

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