The man from Manchester

Uncategorized 8 Jan 09

Before Christmas I took a day trip to Manchester to see how Liverpool’s rival does things. I’ve got to say that they do things well. I guess Liverpool just doesn’t have the space for such a large scaled Christmas Market, which is a real shame because it works so well. I met this guy and his friends who had clearly come in to town for the amtosphere. Mulled wine, German beer and all sorts of continental food to sample. The minipancakes covered with chocolate syrup were worth the trip alone. Thats a subtle hint Liverpool City Council.

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  1. Nigel says on 8 Jan 09

    “Dumbledoor’s in Town” Very expressive face and great detail that you have captured.


  2. mario iso101 says on 8 Jan 09

    Nice portrait! I like it in B&W!

    And interesting “little” hat… no cold this way!

  3. John says on 9 Jan 09

    Pete – this chap looks very much like Barry Lategan – famous photographer!

  4. Ian Walker says on 18 Jan 09

    What was our old Cheif Executive, Sir David Henshaw doing in Manchester?

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