HMS Ark Royal in Liverpool II

Old 17 Jan 09

Hopefully someone will like this because it cost me £55 to make. Short story is that I bought a cheap shutter cable off eBay and it went on the wrong way. When you put it on it pushed the lens unlock button which was insanely stupid. So I decided that instead of battling with eBay to find one that was ok I’d buy the official Nikon one, for £55. A stupid price for a button but there you are. It does the job and I got the shot. So hopefully someone likes it, buys a print and balances my account.

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  1. Mark says on 17 Jan 09

    Nice shot. I prefer this to the BW yesterday. The prices for Nion kit really is shocking; not so much the lenses and bodies, which you expect, but the fiddly stuff like cables, caps, releases etc. I’ve had the same problem – I just wish the Chinese would make stuff that fits. How hard can it be?

  2. Eric Bowers says on 17 Jan 09

    Canon’s just as bad, they’ll charge $75 US for that stupid cable and then the rubber around the wire unravels. Buy another and the same thing happens. And you know it costs them fifty cents to make the dumb things in a sweatshop.

  3. Claus says on 17 Jan 09

    This is a color explosion like a rarely see! Great work! it’s very uplifting in this grey winter we have here in Denmark!

  4. Ilan says on 17 Jan 09

    That’s a breath catching scenery. The colors are absolutely stunning, I love how the set the mood here.
    Very well done, I enjoyed this photo very much. Great work :)

  5. Emmett says on 17 Jan 09

    Amazing colours Pete. Really love this photo. Would love to be a ble to pull off effects like that.

  6. mario iso101 says on 17 Jan 09

    Nice shot and nice processing!
    I like the vivid colors, but honestly i prefer the B/W shot!

  7. YETi says on 19 Jan 09

    I think you may have been better in investing in some colour calibration hardware as the last few shots have been really wacky and pushed too far imho.

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