Chinese New Year in Liverpool

Old 26 Jan 09

I think the Chinese New Year means more to me than our actual new year. For one something big happens in town. It feels like a real celebration. Secondly the weather is always bright and beautiful. Stunning crisp winter light. The year has started now.

I had to remove a pay and display car park sign from the scene because it was so out of place. It totally ruined the atmosphere. Not too comfortable editing that much these days. Feel that I should work around them on location instead of using Ps. Adjust the light not landscape.

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  1. michele says on 26 Jan 09

    what a great image. it does feel like something ‘big’ is happening with that explosion and the smoke.

  2. Lunamania says on 27 Jan 09

    Happy new year and congrats on a wonderful image to capture it all!

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