Snow falls on Church Street

Old 12 Dec 08

Fake snow falls and while its just fairy liquid bubbles the people on the street enjoy it as it was real snow.

In other news I got a new camera. An upgrade to my Canon 30D. Its a Nikon D700. I’m one of them now. 24-70, 14-24 and 50mm f/1.8. Lovely setup. This was taken with the 50mm which produces some awesome bokeh.

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  1. michelle says on 12 Dec 08

    Congrats on the new camera purchase! Even current steadfast Canon owners I know are rather enamored at the sound Nikon shutters make. :)

    Happy shooting!

  2. Laurie says on 12 Dec 08

    Congrats on the new D700…you will love it! Welcome! ;-)

    Awesome shot here.

  3. Mike Bartholomew says on 13 Dec 08

    Great shot, although as a regular to your photoblog confused by the D700 purchase. I thought you had a 5DMkII on pre-order. And you have all those nice L lenses!
    As an amateur photographer such as myself should i be following the Nikon path?

  4. Mark says on 13 Dec 08

    Welcome to the dark side!

  5. Haje Jan Kamps says on 13 Dec 08

    That’s such a lovely photograph!

    Must… Resist… Upgrading… From… Perfectly… Usable… 450D…

    – Haje

  6. Ianws says on 13 Dec 08

    OMG – you have gone to the Dark Side – as pointed out what happened to the 5D11 – or where you made an offer you couldn’t refuse ?

  7. Cathy Robertson says on 13 Dec 08

    Great image, I love your Liverpool street photography!

    What’s with the D700? I also thought you were eagerly awaiting your new 5DMkII??

    BTW, thanks for a great talk at the BPS a couple of Tuesdays ago. Inspiring stuff; got the book on pre-order.

  8. Mike says on 13 Dec 08

    Let me know if you want to sell your canon lenses I might be interested..

  9. Joanna says on 18 Dec 08

    this is a good one, lively, energetic, the fact that it’s b&w makes it even more interesting. winter can be fun too :)

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