Mersey Colours

Architecture 27 Dec 08

A really unsually foggy evening on the Mersey earlier this week. It cleared just enough so I could see across but left this wonderful array of colours. When I arrived it was very spooky. I couldn’t see across the Mersey and the ferry docked at Woodside was rining its bell. Really spooky.

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  1. Gary Whittle says on 27 Dec 08

    Lovely colours Pete. Amazing how the light on the ferry is streaking upwards.


  2. Gary says on 27 Dec 08

    Love the sky in this pete. Some great colours throughout the shot

  3. Laurie says on 28 Dec 08

    Woah! the colors are amazing. The fog really turned this into a magical colorful scene. This photo is anything but spooky looking.

  4. Fia says on 28 Dec 08

    wow that is some light!!! Really cool….Best wishes from Sweden….

  5. Dirk says on 29 Dec 08

    Very nice! maybe a bit crooked to the right? Lovely colors, too!

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