Inside the Anglican Cathedral in Liverpool

Old 26 Dec 08

Finally got some alone time with my Nikon 14-24. Incredible lens. I’ve shot this before with my 10D and Sigma 10-20, oddly enough also at Xmas time. I felt I had done the place justice and so I wanted to do something different with it.

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  1. Gary Whittle says on 26 Dec 08

    It’s a grower! My first though was, OTT. Then I looked, and kinda fell in love with the fact that I can see every last bit of detail.

    It’s also sharp enough to make your eyes bleed.

    Awesome work,


  2. Craig says on 26 Dec 08

    Beautiful detail brought out with the HDR process, so sharp and the colours are great!

  3. Mark says on 27 Dec 08

    OTT maybe, but who cares? Simply stunning.

  4. Arne says on 27 Dec 08

    Spectacular shot! I prefer this one over the b/w version. Pete, at what aperture was this shot?

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