Soft Toy Emergency

Old 2 Nov 08

Soft Toy Emergency playing at Bumper Bar for Liverpool Music Week. They really got the crowd energised. No room to move for different photos but I got plenty of fun ones because the whole place was jumping. Brilliant atmosphere, really enjoyable.

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  1. Matt Thomas says on 2 Nov 08

    Gotta love 5 string basses! Never heard the band before were they good? Great shot, vibrant and energetic, exactly what music week is about :)

  2. Pete says on 2 Nov 08

    They’re great. I can’t remember what they’re like at all, bad memory, but I remember enjoying their music most that night.

  3. LightningPaul says on 3 Nov 08

    Great capture! The action and colors look fantastic. The bass guitarist is very well in focus and sharp.

  4. Chris Davis says on 19 Dec 08

    Great photo, awful band!

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