Salford Quays Bridge

I know, I know. Liverpool photoblog and this is Salford. I’m a little run off my feet right now so I’m grabbing whatever comes to mind and over the past few days I’ve been processing HDR images for this new book. Hence the Lloyds photo and this. Both examples of HDR used, hopefully, well to show what it can do and that it doesn’t have to be the standard cliche mess that you hear people ranting about. This is a long exposure of about 2 minutes at f/22 just to get some motion in the sky.

7 comments on “Salford Quays Bridge

  1. Wow, the color is spectacular as is this magnificent bridge structure. Sky’s not too shabby either.

  2. Really amazing, Pete!

  3. If this is what we can expect when you leave home then please leave home more often. Great colors.

  4. Amazing HDR, great work with the colour contrast.

  5. This is an amazing shot, feels like being there at night.

  6. Wow! This shot is really cool! Great colors and composition!

  7. Love the color and lines in this. Great long exposure!

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