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  1. Guido says on 4 Nov 08

    Excellent compositon and lighting. It looks like a starship…

  2. Giovanni says on 5 Nov 08

    Great composition and excellent processing! Wonderfully done, Pete!

  3. Claus says on 5 Nov 08

    What a colorful little shop you have captured here! Cool shot!

  4. Adam Patterson says on 5 Nov 08

    i love photos taken at dusk, you get great sky’s and all the different lighting conditions.

  5. Will Williams says on 5 Nov 08

    Looks like someone landed a star ship on the poor pizza shop ;) Vivid and intense colors, well done.

  6. Geir says on 6 Nov 08

    Holy Macerel, that’s a pizza parlour made in heaven.

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