Lloyds Building in London

Lloyds Building in London. Crazy design. Its inside out. Some tweaking in Lightroom for this, more than my normal amount but I felt it worked. I figure that anything you can do in Lightroom is fair game as a photo. Its only colours and light.

8 comments on “Lloyds Building in London

  1. Awesome shot! Very nicely processed.

  2. Really nice, i like the blues and purples.

  3. Simon

    Yep, like this a lot. Some of my favourite pictures are right on the edge of over-processed like this.

  4. The processing created some interesting and intense tones.

  5. I like the colors, it’s not over done as far as I’m concerned.

  6. Immense.

  7. Love the cool tones, they add to the futuristic look of the buildings!

  8. Very futuristic….Really shows the power of post-processing in Lightroom

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