Lloyds Building in London

Uncategorized 6 Nov 08

Lloyds Building in London. Crazy design. Its inside out. Some tweaking in Lightroom for this, more than my normal amount but I felt it worked. I figure that anything you can do in Lightroom is fair game as a photo. Its only colours and light.

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  1. Simon says on 6 Nov 08

    Yep, like this a lot. Some of my favourite pictures are right on the edge of over-processed like this.

  2. Laurie says on 6 Nov 08

    The processing created some interesting and intense tones.

  3. Bob says on 7 Nov 08

    I like the colors, it’s not over done as far as I’m concerned.

  4. Claus says on 7 Nov 08

    Love the cool tones, they add to the futuristic look of the buildings!

  5. Todd Michael says on 9 Nov 08

    Very futuristic….Really shows the power of post-processing in Lightroom

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