Albert Dock and purple sunset

Old 26 Nov 08

Absolutely stunning sunset last night. It seemed to last all the way through dusk, 30 minutes after the sun had set. Even the colours in this image were produced by the sunset behind me. The entire sky had been painted in colour like something from an old painting. Simply stunning.

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  1. LightningPaul says on 26 Nov 08

    I cannot say it better: simply stunning! Very well tone-mapped. Perhaps the red of the buildings are bit too saturated.

  2. Adam Patterson says on 26 Nov 08

    Great HDR i like how its not all tacky and over/under exposed with ghosty bits all over.

    Nice work.

  3. Pradeep says on 28 Nov 08

    Fantastic work, the HDR is just perfectly done, Love the details and color, spectacular :)

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