Yoko Ono in Liverpool with Skyladders

Portraits 20 Oct 08

Yoko Ono was in Liverpool on Sunday to visit her ‘Skyladders’ installation at St Lukes church. Its grown since I first saw it. Essentially the idea is that you drop off a ladder with a personal message on. Ladders aren’t just things for standing on while you remove wallpaper, they are steps that take you one bit closer to the sky.

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  1. Guido says on 20 Oct 08

    Wonderful portrait and harmonious post processing.
    But who’s grown? Yoko or her installation? ;-)

  2. Framed and Shot says on 21 Oct 08

    Great portrait. The way you have captured her eyes behind the sunglasses is wonderful. In a way very Yoko Ono and very sophisticated and at the same time a bit shy – it creates a wonderful atmosphere.
    The ladder project is interesting, what a nice idea – and you photo with all the ladders in the background and her eyes to the sky is very well composed.

  3. Garp says on 21 Oct 08

    Very nice, was that a random shot or posed?

  4. Carlos Lorenzo says on 23 Oct 08

    She posed a little bit, didn’t she? Great snap. Voted 4 u Pete at Coolphotoblogs et al.

  5. Pete says on 26 Oct 08

    @Garp – It was a press photo call. She was there for less than 10 minutes.

  6. Robyn says on 17 Dec 08

    Thats a crackin shot!!!!

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