The QE2 in Liverpool – II

It is quite amazing how blue the Mersey turns when the light hits it.

7 comments on “The QE2 in Liverpool – II

  1. Wow! This is an awesome cityscape shot! Excellent work!

  2. kitten

    Love it. Love the colours, the tones, everything. Brilliant.

  3. Another wonderfully detailed shot. Ah, the Mersey, ….. having never been to the UK, my reference is Gerry and the Pacemakers……you know…..Ferry cross the Mersey….sorry, I’m old.

  4. Wow what an impressive view. That is such an interesting, intense looking city.

  5. Mark

    This gives a great sense of the true size of the QE2 in comparison to the buildings. Nice light too.

  6. Nice! Looks very good for an older type of postcard. Colors and contrast are excellent.

  7. Great HDR shot!
    Strong colors,sharpness and DOF.
    Well done!

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