Southport Fireworks

Uncategorized 21 Oct 08

A stunning end to a weekend of fireworks displays in Southport. Teams from all over the UK put on displays that are perfectly timed to music. Its always a visual and audio treat.

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  1. Framed and Shot says on 21 Oct 08

    Great firework photo!
    The reflections in the water makes this photo so much more than just a “firework photo” – it makes i double!
    Great work on this one!

  2. Luan says on 21 Oct 08

    I really like the way the water reflects the fireworks. What were your camera settings for this one?

  3. Teresa Gray says on 23 Oct 08

    There’s no word’s apart from simply brilliant…

  4. LightningPaul says on 23 Oct 08

    F A N T A S T I C !

    The fireworks are captured very well, but the rippled reflection makes it awesome.

  5. Pete says on 26 Oct 08

    @Luan – I set the aperture to about f/8 – f/11. Bulb mode and push the shutter as the firework goes up. Release it when its done.

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