QE2 leaving Liverpool with fireworks

I basically waited around for 3 hours to get this photo. I spent 30 mins at the cruise terminal warming up with a coffee and headed back to my spot. I waited for another hour doing various tests with my filter on and off to see how the light was working and then waited. 10pm, the QE2’s horn blows a signal that the display is about to start. *clack* My ND filter and holder fall off into the Mersey. “Noooooo!” Absolutely totally randomly and very fustratingly it fell off! I was using the ND to compensate for the dynamic range issue. The light on the ship and the light from the fireworks didn’t match up. Go for one and lose the other. So I had to go for the fireworks and wait till the end to squeeze in a static nicely exposed photo of the QE2 to later use for exposure blending. Typical really.

12 comments on “QE2 leaving Liverpool with fireworks

  1. Nice save though mate. I agree with you, this thing is so much classier than the new ships.

  2. Beautiful shot! Worth the waiting…

  3. HOLY COW! The result you got was well worth what you went through t get it. This is really incredible.

  4. Fantastic!

    At least it wasn’t you who took a dip in the Mersey…

  5. Wow, my jaw dropped.
    What an dynamic shot. A lot of things are happening, great!

  6. Fantastic work, I commend you, images like this take a fair deal of skill and patience.

  7. Really is a great shot. Too bad about the ND filter and holder but your perseverance paid off anyway.

  8. This is an excellent shot. Congrats and capturing a wonderful moment.

  9. Impressive capture, congrats.

  10. Epic shot ! … really captures the grandeur of the situation … well done.

  11. Great shot Pete, way to over come the equipment issues.

  12. LOL, the Mersey ate ur ND.

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