North Wales

Old 31 Oct 08

Someone commented that yesterdays photo lacked the colour of a wonderful landscape. So here’s one with colour. I’m not entirely sure where we where because Google Maps said we drove off into a field at one point so I didn’t bother checking after that.


Photographer and part time Spider-man.

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  1. Laurie says on 31 Oct 08

    Interesting result. It is a little hard to make out some of the details. Pretty tones. Lovely sky.

  2. Ken says on 3 Nov 08

    Hi Pete,
    Great picture with some really nice colour.
    For your information,the peak in the distance is Pen yr Ole Wen,the stream is Afon Idwal and it is looking NNE.The valley running down from the peak is the Nant Ffrancon and the main road at the base is the A5.

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