Liverpool before the canal link

Old 29 Oct 08

This isn’t really a great photo, and I haven’t posted it before because I didn’t think it worked. It felt too disjoint. But as the new canal link is open now and this view has changed dramatically, I feel the image works on some level. At the very least you can see how much has changed in 2 years.

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  1. Lloyd says on 29 Oct 08

    Has the statue gone now? or is it just slightly out of the picture on the newer one?

  2. Pete says on 29 Oct 08

    @Lloyd – Thats a good point. I don’t know where that is.

  3. Geir says on 29 Oct 08

    Though I can understand your comment about it not being a technically great photo, it still impresses.

  4. kitten says on 29 Oct 08


    The Edward VII statue (the equestrian one) and the Sir Alfred Lewis Jones memorial were both being restored, so I guess that’s still going on. The ALJ one is going to be back in that area too when it’s all finished, or at least that was the original plan!

  5. kitten says on 29 Oct 08

    oooh i just discovered it’s actually not going back there now :/ it’s going somewhere else – but I don’t know where!

  6. YETi says on 7 Nov 08

    The ironic thing for me that after all the expense and hard work it looks better in this image than it does today :/

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