HMS Illustrious in Liverpool

Old 19 Oct 08

HMS Illustrious is in town. She’s the sister ship of HMS Ark Royal. Instead of helicopters she gets Harrier jump jets. Very cool. This isn’t a HDR image. I took one just in case but this works well enough. Its actually a 242 second exposure. I’ve been playing with crazy exposure times the past few days. Its funny really. I was talking to a mate about the lighting and I commented how I wouldn’t get a nice photo because the ship is barely lit. Its no cruise ship. I was quite surprised when I saw something this clear appear on my display.

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  1. Liang says on 19 Oct 08

    Love the reflection from the water here. Great processing too!

  2. Laurie says on 19 Oct 08

    This is really stunning! What a beautiful and impressive shot of an impressive ship. Amazing colors.

  3. Giovanni says on 19 Oct 08

    Amazing colors and sharpness! I like the sky and reflections. Fantastic shot!

  4. Jen says on 19 Oct 08

    Wow – great shot! My website is looking for a vlogger interested in photography. If you may be interested in hosting the show connected to our photography contest, visit for details. Jen

  5. tucker says on 19 Oct 08

    I had forgotten about exposure times since going digital, I am going to check my camera, I love your photo its a great shot.

  6. Phil says on 19 Oct 08

    awesome photo – really beautiful colours and impressive ship.

  7. Mark says on 20 Oct 08

    The long exposure almost makes this look like it has a glass floor. Lovely effect.

  8. Framed and Shot says on 21 Oct 08

    You are really good at playing! A 242 second exposure is more than impressive, and it turn out great.

  9. Hitesh Sawlani says on 22 Oct 08

    Hey pete, was wondering how you prevent the highlights from overblowing in very long exposures such as this?

  10. foKuspoint says on 23 Oct 08

    Long exposures are always surprising I think. There is so much to be photographed in the dark. This one turned out great!

  11. Pete says on 26 Oct 08

    @Hitesh Sawlani – I used a bit of recovery in Lightroom but some of the highlights are blown out. Personally its an ok price to pay.

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