Harrier Jump Jet

Old 26 Oct 08

A Harrier jump jet sitting on HMS Illustrious. Oh and you can see a video from this day on Flickr. My day, last week. 90 seconds long.

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  1. Ryan R. says on 26 Oct 08

    That’s an awesome angle! Love the contrast and HDR as usual.

  2. pasci.it says on 26 Oct 08

    woah! Cool subject and very cool photo! Love the processing and the point of view! Very dramatic! Kinda looks like a spaceship….

  3. Geir says on 26 Oct 08

    Makes me think of an insect, and I suspect that’s where the designers got their ideas for this machine.

  4. Simon says on 27 Oct 08

    Really enjoyed your video, nice shot above too.

  5. Jane Newman says on 20 Jan 09

    Again, another great shot – how do you manage to get the strong tones in your images ?

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