Liverpool Samba Carnival

Old 4 Aug 08

I’ve put the full set of this event as a slideshow on Flickr. It was a really good event and deserves a slideshow. I really had to push the limits of my camera for the shots by the Chinese Arch. It was dark. ISO1600, 1/30th second shutter and f/4 at 10mm. The problem was the I needed a long exposure to bring out the background, but then that just created blur. So these have been boosted in Lightroom by nearly 2 stops and of course that means noise.

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  1. Are you feeling lucky? says on 4 Aug 08

    Is there anyway I can view the photoblog without a flash plugin? Perhaps a static link to the album on flickr?

    Using an iPhone at the moment – got the link from the iphone twitter app called twinkle.

  2. Pete says on 5 Aug 08

    Thats a good point, never really thought of iPhone users despite using one. Its now on my todo list.

  3. Eric Bowers says on 9 Aug 08

    Pete – for the love of God remove the spam comment at the beginning :)

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