Month: August 2008

Arm Wrestling

As part of the WFG they had arm wrestling. It was interesting to watch. I had no idea how complex it was. Various moves, techniques and muscles used to beat the opponent.


People dancing at Mathew St Festival. In other news, my hamster called Rabbit died yesterday. I made a movie using my Canon G9 which is ok in normal focus but if you put it into macro you actually get decent depth of field. Great for small things.

Rock and Roll

I’ve been getting a feel for street photography again these past few weeks. I put the 10mm on and off I go. You really have to get into peoples faces to shoot at 10mm. Events are good because everyone is usually there for a reason, to have a good time. I wandered round on Sunday during the Mathew St Festival grabbing shots. Some girls screamed and put their hands up over their faces, which is a hilarious reaction to a simple photo. Some just stood there. I tried some in your face shots and some from the hip style candids. Most of all I was trying to capture life on the streets. f/8, iso800-1600, near infinity focus and off I go. That way if I saw something I could just snap it without thinking. Of course you lose any depth of field, which isn’t a huge loss at 10mm anyway. I often found it was too wide though. People were getting lost in the scene. So I set it to around 18.75mm … ish. That would then equate to 30mm on full frame, which is a good setting for street. Captures enough of their surroundings without making them seem lost in it.

World Fire Fighters Games Launch

Late one today as I’ve been fighting a migraine. I hoped to have a full slideshow online but staring at the screen all day isn’t the recommended treatment for a migraine. Anyway, yesterday’s launch was fun to watch. Lots of people from all over the world, flags flying, cheerleaders cheering, and everyone singing ‘Hey Jude’.