Saga Rose in Liverpool

Old 6 Jun 08

Saga Rose in Liverpool

The cruise liner Saga Rose visited yesterday. I really prefer this look to the new cruise ships they have, the floating hotels. Its a classic look with an air of romanticism. This is the shot I should have got of the QE2 last year. I thought it would be great to have a firework photo of the QE2 against the skyline but they were just rubbish. I needed a wide enough angle to get the fireworks but at 10mm the skyline was a thin strip. This meant the QE2 was lost in a line of lights. I won’t make that mistake again. Perfect evening last night. So lovely to sit and watch her head out.

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  1. jamie says on 6 Jun 08

    The sky on the right of the picture looks amazing too

  2. Nathan says on 6 Jun 08

    I agree with your comment about the look of cruise boats now. The older style looked much better. Great shot. The colours of the fireworks go well with the sunset colour in the distance. Just makes for a better capture.

  3. Mark says on 6 Jun 08

    Well done Pete – a real stunner. Me too; the modern boats lack the grace and elegant lines of their predecessors.

  4. John Kennan says on 6 Jun 08

    Very nicely done Pete. You really have the knack of being in the right place at the right time.
    I shall look forward to your shots of the Ark Royal.

  5. Garp says on 7 Jun 08

    What an amazingly beautiful shot. Superbly done Pete!

  6. Garp says on 8 Jun 08

    Have you considered contacting the company and selling your photo of her for them to use? I’m sure they’d pay for such a beautiful shot.

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