Disused Mersey Tunnel road

Old 17 Jun 08

Disused Mersey Tunnel road

Another from Sunday’s walk. I took the tripod specifically for this shot. I wanted a long exposure at around f/13 to get the nice stary effect because it adds so much to the photo. This used to be another way into the tunnel with traffic lights but due to delays they abandoned it in the 60’s. I have no idea what they use it for now. They’ve got a whole entrance and road thats just sitting there doing nothing.

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  1. Mark says on 17 Jun 08

    It’s used for fire training now for brigades all over Europe. Thats quite interesting don’t you know!

  2. Pete says on 17 Jun 08

    Oh right, cool. That wasn’t mentioned on Wiki. I’ve never seen any real movement there besides the occasional parked car. Guess they work further down out of sight.

  3. Mark says on 17 Jun 08

    Yeah because the sight of fire down the tunnel would freak out the tunnel users! The steward with the Elvis quiff told me about it when I passed it.

  4. The Brief says on 13 Mar 09

    This part of the tunnel was still being used in the early 70’s. I was born in 1970 and can still just about remember my parents driving into the tunnel through the now defunct entrance on the dock road in Birkenhead.

  5. Phil says on 30 Jun 09

    I remember it also. Before the new tunnels opened people used this branch when travelling to Wallasey and New Brighton. I was controlled by traffic lights. Also it was single lane each way. If you look at the entrance to it you can still see the road markings. Just why it closed completely is a mystery. They could have made it one way as a tunnel entrance.
    I was told it was closed in 1965.

  6. Peter R says on 27 Jan 11

    There used to be embedded lights in the lanes near this junction. Traffic in the outside lane could follow a dog leg of lights and so deviate into the inside lane thus avoiding being held up by stationary traffic waiting to turn right into the Wallasey exit.

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