Guy on the street

Old 5 Apr 08

Guy on the street

Shot using my Dad’s old Topcon rm300. Its older than me and yet when you get everything right you get shots like this.

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  1. Drew De Grado says on 6 Apr 08

    Truly a great shot. If you have other photos that you or your father shot using the Topcon RM300, I’d be very interested in seeing them. Topcon got out of the 35mm camera market many years ago, which was too bad – I always thought it was a superior camera in it’s day. Please let me know/see other great shots you may have. Thank you.
    Drew De Grado
    Director of Creative Services
    Topcon Medical Systems, Inc.
    37 W. Century Rd.
    Paramus, NJ USA

  2. shelly says on 11 Apr 08

    he does look a tad pissed to have been caught by you camera, great expression

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