Chinese New Year #2

Old 12 Feb 08

Chinese New Year #2

It was really foggy that morning. I would have preferred a photo without the event people in but that wasn’t going to be possible.

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  1. Wolfgang Burzler says on 12 Feb 08

    What a beautiful photo; I love everything at this shot, the composition, the perspective, the tones, the fog, the atmosphere … really brilliant work!

  2. Rose says on 12 Feb 08

    Sometimes it’s just having luck: being on the right place on the right time. The shot is nice though!

  3. Mark says on 13 Feb 08

    @Rose; as a famous photographer said ‘it’s funny, the harder I work, the luckier I get”.

  4. ROB says on 13 Feb 08

    The event people dont really detract from the image IMHO. B+W really adds to the cool, foggy mood.

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