Month: February 2008


Old 28 Feb 08

Abs on Hope Street. Really funny guy. He had no time to chat, but gave a 10 minute talk on Liverpool to Emma who was filming it.

Dusk over the Mersey

Architecture, Landscapes 25 Feb 08

Sorry the site was down yesterday. My host was updating the server and it took longer than expected. A couple bits of news on the exhibition are out. Art in Liverpool have a write up, and it made the Echo online too.

Port of Culture Launch

Personal 23 Feb 08

Last night was an unbelievable success. At 5:45 my sister mentioned I should have put my iPod on with some music. The space is deadly quiet and echos when there are only 2 or 3 people in there. At 5:50 robmiller from the Internet turned up. He was officially the first person to see the […]