Liverpool Capital of Culture 2008 – Peoples Launch #1

Old 14 Jan 08

I was planning on saving these photos till tomorrow, however something came up. The Echo expressed an interest in them and as far as I’m aware two should be in today’s issue. I was very lucky to be hired by the company doing the fireworks display and they got me into the Radio City Tower. I’ll discuss this more tomorrow, and trust me when I say that tomorrow’s shot is even better. Its moments like this that make everything worthwhile. “What has the Capital of Culture done for me?” Well, its given me photo ops like this. Its taken a place I love and made it even more photogenic.

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  1. James Bell says on 14 Jan 08

    Nice shot Pete, Been viewing your site for ages and thought I should drop you a line regards this photo. Well Done on the Echo publication.

    Im looking forward to seeing your pictures tomorrow, keep up the good work.

    Im looking forward to seeing more shots in this series.

    All the best

  2. George says on 14 Jan 08

    You seem very excited about the shots. I recall reading your excitement from yesterday so I can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings. Grats on The Echo.

  3. Daz says on 14 Jan 08

    Stunning Pete, amazing depth.

  4. jamie says on 14 Jan 08

    Been keeping an eye on your work for sometime now, I cant wait to see the lastest pics, i watched it on tv and wondered if you would be there or not. Glad you got such and amazing birds eye view .

  5. lydia says on 14 Jan 08

    superb photo. I reckon if I try hard enough I can work out which of those tiny dots is me (I was by Ladbrookes on the upper level of Lime St)

  6. kitten says on 14 Jan 08

    I have in my hot little hands a copy of today’s Daily Post and you not only have a good sized photo near the middle, you also have the double page spread in the middle of the souvenir pullout \o/ Looks stunning!!

    Well done Pete, am soooo proud of you!! What a start to the New Year!

  7. John Kennan says on 14 Jan 08

    Up to the usual standard Pete. Well done.
    You must have a head for heights.
    I’m in that photo somewhere.

  8. John Smearson says on 19 Jan 08

    ???What has the Capital of Culture done for me?… Well, its given me photo ops like this”.
    It will also put your Council Tax up next year & the year after like it did in Glasgow!

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