Victoria Street in Edinburgh

Uncategorized 18 Dec 07

We nipped into a pub for 5 minutes, came out and found the snow was settling. It was really slippy trying to get down the hill.

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  1. Kitten says on 18 Dec 07

    Love the way you caught the car (is it a Chrysler neon?) – along with the cobbles and the old-fashioned lighting and classic architecture you could almost believe this photo was taken in the 50’s.

  2. Joseph says on 18 Dec 07

    its really chilly in bonnie scotland mate!

  3. milou says on 18 Dec 07

    I like how the Christmas lights look as though they have icicles hanging.

  4. Paula says on 19 Dec 07

    The more i look at this the more i see.

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