Sefton Park Mist III

After wondering around for 2 hours I stumbled upon this lovely little part of the park. There was mist rising from the ground, huge beams of light and it was just lovely. Very ethereal.

7 comments on “Sefton Park Mist III

  1. Really nice pic with bags of atmosphere. I reckon this is much stronger than the earlier two.

  2. Very etheral and very beautiful. Totally awesome shot. The golden look fits the shot perfectly. Lucky you!

  3. Andrew

    Here be Elves! It’s beautiful.

  4. How do you get the “shining” effect? I’ve tried on some of my pictures, but it’s not close to yours… Some special tone mapping effect?

  5. vegas

    does hdr images retain the way they looked onscreen when they are printed on paper

    • Of course. Once tone mapped a HDR image is just a normal 8bit jpg.

  6. The golden touch you have given this one, makes it really warm and inviting.

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