Under North Pier in Blackpool

Uncategorized 22 Oct 07

Under North Pier in Blackpool

On Sunday I visited Blackpool with friends. I’ve been wanting to go there for a while due to chromasia’s photoblog. His images are stunning. I hoped to get some nice images while I was there. I can see why he gets great photos, the light there is excellent. So inspired by one of his images I thought I’d have a play with the location and put my own spin on it, which is this.

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  1. djn1 says on 22 Oct 07

    Frank doesn’t know what he’s talking about ;-)

    More seriously though, I really like this one, not least because it’s quite different to my version – it has a much more ‘open’ and light feel to it, making mine appear almost claustrophobic. Give me a shout next time you’re in the neighbourhood.

  2. Ben says on 23 Oct 07

    Excellent shot Pete. I do prefer it to Mr. Nightingales. Possibly because some of your HDR image processing seems to have a cooler tone of late, which suits my eye. Jolly good show old bean.

  3. Mark says on 24 Oct 07

    I like the way the wide angle makes the pier look as if it’s ‘twisting’ at the top left of the image – gives a really dynamic effect in combination with the off kilter angle. Great shot.

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