Liverpool Sunset 2

Old 17 Oct 07

After processing this image using HDR this was the result. I’ll be giving my talk tonight at the Open Eye Gallery on Wood Street, 7pm. I’m a bit nervous. Mainly because I haven’t spoke to a group since university 6 years ago, also because I haven’t finished the talk. I have spent the past week reading up on HDR and I plan to launch my new HDR guide soon.

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  1. Joseph says on 17 Oct 07

    a very good and breathtaking shot. I’ll be looking forward to your HDR guide

  2. James says on 17 Oct 07

    Hi Pete, Excellent talk tonight at the Open Eye. Not 100% convinced on HDR myself (bit of a purist maybe?) but your work is fantastic.

    Hope to see you again some time

  3. Haly says on 17 Oct 07

    Hope the talk went well :) I’m sure it did :)

  4. mvodak says on 19 Oct 07

    usually I dont use superlatives a lot but about your work… just fantastic.

  5. Cath Willis says on 26 Oct 07

    Just discovered your work after the article in Digital SLR user. I love this shot but I’m trying to work out where you took it from.

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