Blackpool Beach and Tower

Uncategorized 24 Oct 07

Thanks to SimonTALM for pointing out that this would look better in landscape than portrait, as it does.

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  1. shelly says on 24 Oct 07

    while i really love this image and the wide angle gives a great effect something about how the sky is interacting with the tower is not quite working, i think the sky is a little noisy around it? its not standing out so much as would be nice i think

  2. One Way says on 25 Oct 07

    Works beautifully in black-and-white. Fantastic detail and textures

  3. Ryan Rahn says on 26 Oct 07

    Wow, howabout that sky. The texture in the bottom half is great too. I can’t say that I ever remember seeing a b&w HDR image, but I’m quite impressed. It has a very unique feel to it. Besides the stellar processing, the image itself is a wonderful landscape. Your processing techniques are quite unusual, but you certainly don’t hide behind them – your use of the camera is also excellent.

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