Ben Nevis: David and Goliath

Uncategorized 19 Oct 07

I posted this shot over 2 years ago. I’ve learnt a few things since then so I retried it using HDR. The sky isn’t as blown out, the shadows aren’t as lost and theres more detail to the image.

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  1. Pierre says on 19 Oct 07

    What a difference! Nice catch and much better post-treatment.

  2. Andy M says on 19 Oct 07

    I think HDR definitely works better on B&W shots than colour.

    Great shot :)

  3. Gerald says on 19 Oct 07

    It looks quite different – I can see I’m going to have to look into this HDR business.

  4. Frank says on 20 Oct 07

    Still thanks for having made me discover the HDR. Thanks to Photomatix much of my contrasted photographs would have been lost, others return a good more beautiful effect in HDR. Some are visible on my blog: ???Un peu de tout”(A Little bit of all). What is a pity it is the slowness of the program but as I will acquire very last Mac that should arrange the problem. It is with people like you, who share their experiment, that amateurs as me can progress.
    So long on your blog,

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