QE2 in Liverpool – Reprocessed

Old 28 Sep 07

The other day I posted a photo that I felt I rushed. The feedback I received confirmed that. So I decided to take my time and reprocess it. I toned down the HDR and skipped on the sunset filter. To show the difference I’m going to link to the original direct from camera image. You can see that HDR’ing the image has brought out more colour in the clouds but also increased the orange tint to the buildings. I reduced that and desaturated the boats to make them white again.

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  1. Ken says on 29 Sep 07

    Much better Pete,I like it a lot now.

  2. Claus Petersen says on 11 Oct 07

    I really like that you show the before and after, i think I will try that to. But how do you process your HDR’s do you process them out of one RAW file or do you braket a sequence?

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