The Rebuilding of Liverpool

Old 27 Aug 07

Tomorrow is Liverpool’s 800th birthday. Today it currently looks a little like its been bombed. I wanted this shot to have a post-war feel to it. Its not often you get the chance to document Liverpool after WWII. Tomorrow is going to be one insane day. I have shots that I absolutely must get for the 800 project. I have shots that I absolutely must get to document the 800th birthday too. I’ll never see the 900th. Its going to be a very long, tiring day. The weather is meant to be sunny with clouds, in theory perfect. Tomorrow would be a full days work without one of the other events. I need another me but then that would be splitting the memories and I’d prefer to do it all.

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  1. Pierre Chaton says on 27 Aug 07

    Wonderfull dramatic shot. I guess the Liverpool???s 800th birthday will not be held on this particular site.

  2. Robert Leverton says on 27 Aug 07

    You want to see Bradford if you think that looks depressing Pete. They knocked a chunk of the city centre down about 2 years ago and left piles of rubble…
    As to when they are going to do anything about it is anybody’s guess.
    Maybe, when you come by I will give you a quick tour of the place… in fact, if you are up for it, it would be my pleasure!
    Nice pic though :)

  3. kitten says on 28 Aug 07

    hey Pete,

    Hope it all went well. Love the pic, so atmospheric, bet it looks just like the Paradise Street area did after the bombs dropped.

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