South John Street in Liverpool

Architecture, Black-and-White, Old 11 Apr 07

Yesterday’s shot was taken on top of this. The part below the crane cable is the new Debenhams. South John Street will be a 2 tier shopping lane. You’ll have shops, shops on the next level and then a park above it. The road will be traffic free. It’s hard to really visualise the road. I’ve seen mock-ups and it should look great. In its current state its just a little hard to see the completed version. Maybe in 6 months if I can go on another tour I’ll be able to do that. I can just about remember what this road was before. You would walk over Chavesse Park, down this road and you’d be at the end of town, just by Game. It’s a little different now and its crazy to think that there will be a park above 2 levels of shops. It’s a brilliant use of space.

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  1. Nicolas says on 11 Apr 07

    Great B/W. I would have personally cropped it a bit more horizontally, to give more of a 16/9, more impact.

  2. Pete says on 11 Apr 07

    I guess I could have lost some of the ground.

  3. David J Colbran says on 11 Apr 07

    Liking these images of the Paradise project. Just a quick one – how did you get access? Recently I was commissioned by the Institute of Civil Engineers journal (NCE) to cover this, had letters, and the project managers details / numbers and got no where within the building site. Fortunately there are two car parks where I got some great overhead shots and blagged it at one of the gates.

  4. Charles says on 11 Apr 07

    Cool location. Love the crisp contrast and tones. Nice composition too.

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