The Unity Building

Old 1 Mar 07

The Unity Building

This is half the Unity building in Liverpool. One some days I like the building, on others I don’t. Today I like it for its contrasting black and white blocks. Its an interesting design. This is, again, another hand held HDR image.

In other news. If anyone gets an email from “Dan Smith” at delete it. Its just some scammer trying to get money out of you. They’re easy to spot now. Generic text, asking to buy one of my paintings (I don’t paint) and of course the good old cashier’s cheque.

Camera: Canon 30D // ISO: 200 // Shutter Speed: 1/60 // Aperture: f5.6 // Focal Length: 15mm // Sigma 10-20

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  1. Justin says on 1 Mar 07

    Incredible colors reflected in the glass. I like the extreme perspective too. Cool shot!

  2. milou says on 2 Mar 07

    Certainly looks an interesting building. Are the window colours like that or is that an “after photo” addition?

  3. Pete says on 2 Mar 07

    I didn’t add any colour to those windows, its just how they came out. I don’t remember them being that way but maybe they were, there was a lot to take in.

  4. Cin says on 22 Mar 07

    Amazing picture.. I found you searching about Dan Smith.. I got the email.. So, thanks.
    Ciao from abroad.. !

  5. tom hogan says on 27 May 08

    What’s with all the fake balconys?.

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