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Lewis’s Closing

Lewis’s Closing

Taking a quick break from the Another Place series to do some photo-journalism. Over the past few weeks I’ve heard things about Lewis’s. Financial troubles, lack of customers due to the Big Dig, and just yesterday I heard they had put up closing down sale signs. The store has been around since 1856 and is known by everyone in Liverpool. Its not often you see a 151 year old store prepare to close.

This shot was edited for the most part in Adobe Lightroom. I really love its black and white features. Minor tweaks were then done in Photoshop.

Camera: Canon 30D // Sigma 10-20mm // Focal Length: 10.0mm // Exposure Time: 1/400 // Aperture: f/4.0 // ISO: 400

2 comments on “Lewis’s Closing

  1. I worked in Lewis’s for my first ever Saturday job back in 1982/3. Sold bikes (was no good at that) then got moved to selling and demonstating Bontempi organs on the Toy Floor. My friend’s dad used to be the manager (otherwise I never would have been hired!!) Sad to see it closing though.

  2. Change is an universal constant. Nostalgia is a pleasant smoothing between now and then.
    Excellent photo documentation.

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