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City Lofts

Old 18 Mar 07

City Lofts

This is the new City Lofts apartment building at Princes Dock. You can see it from another angle in this shot. Its quite a nice clean design with great views of Wirral and Liverpool I imagine. I was hoping to get a St Patricks day photo up but nothing really happened at Albert Dock and I heard there was going to be dancers. They did have some dancers but I can’t legally take their photo without permission from parents. I was hoping to get a photo of some people in those large hats in Matthew Street, but no-one was really photogenic. Afterwards I did think that I should have taken the shot anyway as it was a true representation of Matthew Street on St. Patrick’s day, but the perfectionist in me wanted a nice shot, not a real shot.

Apologies for yesterday’s post. If you didn’t see it, which I suspect some of you didn’t it was Red Nose Day. I accidentally set the post to private and didn’t notice. I was able to see the post because I was logged in.

In other news, I’ve had an idea. Stay tuned.

Camera: Canon 30D // Sigma 10-20 // Focal Length: 10.0mm // Exposure Time: 1/200 // Aperture: f/4.0 // ISO: 100

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  1. Adam says on 18 Mar 07

    Cool shot – I like the lines!

    Intrigued as to what your idea is (and also to what happened to yesterday’s photo – I can’t see an entry for the 17th!)

  2. Ian Jackson says on 20 Mar 07

    There was a very short St Patrick’s parade from Wm Brown St. Only discovered it by searching some obscure forums.
    Minako took a few pix which you can see on her weekly Japanese ‘Goldfish’ report

    You can also see the Post & Echo photographer Eddie taking the photo of us at Albert Dock that appeared on front page of Daily Post on Saturday.

  3. Maarten says on 22 Mar 07

    another great shot ! I like the perspective and pov which accentuates the hight of the building. The high contrast between the white walls and the dark blue sky are superb !

  4. milou says on 23 Mar 07

    Big and bold. The curves lift it from being a straightforward shot.

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