Bollywood Steps at the Metropolitan Cathedral in Liverpool

Old 23 Feb 07

This is the full set from Bollywood Steps last year at the Metropolitan Cathedral in Liverpool. It was really enjoyable and I liked the way they lit up the cathedral. Its always great to see something you know well used in a fresh new way. For most of these I used the Canon 100-400 IS L which I don’t use often but love when I do. It has a great reach and the image stabilizer is fantastic.

I forgot to mention that Canvas Night was great. I chatted to lots of cool people, watched some funny films, listened to some lovely music by Neil Campbell and Nicole Collarbone, and enjoyed a good night out.

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  1. milou says on 27 Feb 07

    That’s a great set and the colour is fantastic. As you say, the it’s great when something you know well is used for an alternative purpose.

  2. adam povey says on 20 Sep 07

    I was just wondering if it would be possible to get and use a few of your photos in my portfolio. I worked on the show for the last two years doing all of the lighting and your pictures show it off well. Would be very grateful

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