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Quiggins, the home of alternative culture in Liverpool. Its gone now, or at least its in the process of being torn down in the name of the Capital of Culture. Irony at its best. However, the new “Quiggins” is pretty cool and its not down some side street. So while its a better location, you can’t help ponder about how things came to be. Crushing one culture in the name of another. This was shot on my k800i a while ago. Its a very nice camera phone.

Camera: K800i // Flash Used: No (Auto) // Exposure Time: 1/2500 // Aperture: f/2.8 // ISO equiv: 80 // White Balance: Auto // Metering Mode: Center Weight

3 comments on “Quiggins

  1. Nice colors and view :)

  2. Wow, impressive shot from a mobile phone! Mine certainly can’t take pictures that sharp

  3. its all good in the hood
    love steph meow

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