Inside York Minster 2

Uncategorized 22 Jan 07

Inside York Minister 2

Yesterday’s shot was taken in the centre of the cathedral, this time I went right to the end and this is looking back down the cathedral. Thanks to HDR you can see the window at the far far end of the cathedral. I went for a more HDR feel to this shot. I think yesterday’s was pretty spot on so it would be pointless to reproduce the same shot just from the opposite side. So I went for a different feel to this shot. The odd thing is from this side you don’t see any of the lights so its more natural.

HDR from 3 RAW’s // Camera: Canon 30D // ISO speed: 200 // Shutter Speed: 10 // Aperture: f22.0 // Metering: Average // Flash: OFF // Focal Length: 10.0 // Sigma 10-20mm f/4-5.6

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  1. Mal says on 22 Jan 07

    You have put me to shame in my home town! Fantastic image. Mal

  2. MarkDM says on 23 Jan 07

    Both of these are beautiful shots, far better than the ones I took a few years ago. York was just about my favorite place I saw on my trip to England.

    By the way, the cathedral is called the York Minster, not Minister. Minor point, though — the photos are terrific.

  3. Bletos says on 19 Jun 07

    And detailed..

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