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This is a shot from last year sometime, probably the Clipper Race when it finished at Liverpool. I’m playing more with Duo and Tri toning images now. I’m finding it odd, but fun. When you increase the highlights the image seems to get darker, its a bit odd. I’m off to Chester today and its overcast so I’m hoping to get some nice dramatic shots of Chester. If this image looks a bit wrong I apologise. My eyes are playing up so hopefully its ok.

HDR from 1 RAW converted to 3 TIFFs // Camera: Canon 10D // ISO: 200 // Shutter Speed: 1/1000 // Aperture: f16.0 // exposure bias: +0.0 // Metering: Center Weighted Average // Flash: OFF // Focal Length: 400.0 // Canon 100-400mm IS L

2 comments on “Flying

  1. wow !!! Great one !

  2. Very nice shot! Great processing!

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