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Trip to Burlington


I went to Burlington with Dave while on holiday to visit his relatives. Burlington is a lot like West Kirby. Its quiet, nice to walk around and peaceful. I found it a little too peaceful and didn’t really take any photos. Unlike West Kirby there aren’t really any boats on the lake, which was a shame. This was a shot from the Go Train. They have Go Trains and Go Buses. They’re green and work rather well. This train has 2 floors to it as well. Kinda cool.


This was a girl who was deep in thought drawing peoples faces. I think she was a fashion student.


A random street sign.


Keora. Its too orangey for crows.


The CN Tower. Taken from a shot not many people get access to unless they go on the train. I had to lie down so I could get a decent angle from the window. Thank god for 10mm.