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All that stuff

Words 6 Mar 17

I'm 38 and I've got a lot of "stuff". Practical stuff. Documents. Memories. Cards. Bottles. Game figures. Games. Stuff, you know? We've all got stuff lying around. When I moved out to my apartment in Liverpool I basically took clothes, a desk, cameras, and a computer. That was it. I had an inflatable bed and […]

iPhone 7 Plus camera thoughts

Words 26 Sep 16

You’ve got a wide lens and a not so wide lens. Apple keep calling it a telephoto but its not really. It’s a mid-range prime I guess. Apple doesn’t see it as 2 cameras or the ability to swap lenses. Apple sees the dual camera functionality as a zoom lens. The way it works is […]


Words 3 Aug 16

So Instagram blatantly stole Snapchats best feature, the stories feature. I’ve been thinking about it a lot and my conclusion is that good artists copy, great artists steal. Maybe. I’ve been a fan of Snapchat since its early days. I read an article that justified its existence in a very simple way. It’s freedom. Almost […]

Is photoblogging dead?

Words 13 Aug 15

The other day Andy Adams from FlakPhoto tweeted “I think we’d all agree, #photobook culture is alive and well. But #photoblog culture…?”. It’s a good question. For one it made me wonder when was the last time I actually visited FlakPhoto’s website as I get everything I need from the Twitter or Instagram feed. That […]

New Flickr

Personal, Words 11 May 15

I feel like I’ve lost something. Flickr recently had a redesign but it doesn’t feel like home. It hasn’t for a number of years. Is it due to the design changes or the lack of a community feeling I lost there years ago? I look around at the new photo sharing sites. 500px, Instagram, Google […]

The Futurist

Architecture, Words 16 Mar 15

The Futurist cinema on Lime Street. Opened in September 1912, closed in 1982. Photo taken during the 2010 Biennial. The text “Think about your future” is an installation by artist Emese Benczur. Is this currently the most talked about building in Liverpool? Could the artist Emese Benczur have known how relevant their words would become? The Futurist is at […]